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  • Name: HS-010-23101

Electronic accelerator pedal is a kind of sensor that works by simulating traditional mechanical pedal and sending signals to the engine ECU.
Electronic accelerator pedal transforms the driver’s acceleration intent to electrical signals directly, and such signals can rapidly and accurately achieve the driver’s intention to accelerate after being sent to the engine ECU.
All our products adopt non-contact design principle, making the product enjoys longer service life, more stable performance, rapid response and more reliability. Currently, we have floor type and suspension type tow series, a total of one hundred or more models for option. In the mean time, we can also organize design and production in accordance with the different requirements of the customer. Our products have currently passed the matching tests of Yuchai, Weichai, DEUTZ, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., Hangfa, Yunnei, Bosch or other engines or ECU.
It is also can be used in various types of electric passenger cars, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, etc. as an electron accelerator.

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