Electric heater principle and way to introduce



 Working principle

Electric heaters, a kind of equipment that converts our electric energy into heat energy by consuming electric energy, have achieved heating of materials that need to be heated. In the process of operation, the low-temperature fluid medium enters the input port when the pipeline is subjected to a certain pressure, surrounds the heat exchange runner set in the electric heating container, and adopts the principle of fluid thermodynamics to design the channel to bring out the high-temperature heat energy generated in the operation process of the electric heating element, so as to realize the temperature increase of the heated medium, and the outlet of the electric heater reaches the required high-temperature medium. The control device inside the electric heater automatically adjusts the power of the electric heating equipment according to the temperature sensor information at the output port, so as to realize that the temperature difference of the medium at the output port is not very large and relatively uniform. In case of over-temperature of the heating device, the separate overheat protection device of the heating device will immediately turn off the power supply, attention should be paid to the occurrence of coking, deterioration and carbonization caused by over-temperature of heated materials.


  Heating mode

1. resistance heating: Joule effect in current is used to convert electric energy to form heat energy. Generally, there are two kinds of direct resistance heating and indirect resistance heating. The front power supply voltage is used to directly heat the object we need to heat. Indirect resistance heating also needs to be made of professional alloy materials or non-metallic materials.

2. induction heating: the thermal effect generated by the induced current formed by the conductor in the alternating electromagnetic process makes the conductor itself heat up. according to different process requirements, the frequency of the AC power supply used for induction heating includes power frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency.

3. arc heating: the arc is used to form a high temperature heating object. An arc is a gas discharge between two ends of an electrode. The voltage of the arc is not very high, but its current is relatively large. Its strong current depends on the large ions generated by the evaporation on the electrode to maintain, so the arc is easily affected by the nearby magnetic field.

4. electron beam heating: the use of electric field for high-speed operation of the electron bombardment on the surface of the object, has reached the heating, the main device of the electron heating beam is the electron beam generation device, at the same time, it is also known as the electron gun. This has the advantage that the power of the heating can be changed quickly and simply.

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