What is the principle of electronic accelerator pedal?



The principle of the electronic accelerator pedal is:

1. When the driver needs to accelerate, step on the accelerator, the pedal position sensor transmits the sensed signal to the ECU through the cable. The ECU analyzes and judges, and sends instructions to the drive motor, and the drive motor controls the opening of the throttle. To adjust the flow of combustible mixture;

2. Under heavy load, the throttle opening is large, and there is a lot of combustible mixture entering the cylinder. If you use the cable accelerator, you can only control the opening of the throttle by the depth of the accelerator pedal, and it is difficult to adjust the opening angle of the throttle to reach the theoretical air-fuel ratio;

3. The electronic throttle can analyze and compare the various data collected by the sensor through the ECU, and issue instructions to let the throttle actuator act, and adjust the throttle to the best position to achieve different loads and working conditions. It is close to the theoretical air-fuel ratio of 14.7:1, so that the fuel can be fully burned.

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What is the working principle of the magnetic pump?

The working principle of the magnetic pump is that the motor drives the outer magnetic rotor of the magnetic pump to connect with the inner magnetic rotor through the magnetic field to drive the impeller of the magnetic pump to run. When the magnetic pump is full of liquid, the impeller continuously sucks in the liquid and continuously discharges the sucked liquid during the rotation process, and the impeller makes the liquid rotate in the pump. In this way, the pressure and speed energy of the medium produce centrifugal force. In this way, under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid along the impeller wheel from the center of the impeller is thrown around, and then through the pump shell discharge pipe, so as to transport the medium to the final destination.